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Nowadays, it is not uncommon to hear about couples having children born out of wedlock. While some couples can agree on sharing parental responsibilities, not all can, especially fathers.

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Unmarried fathers do not have the same legal protections granted to unmarried mothers, which disables them from fully exercising their rights as the child’s father. Men who are alleged fathers of a child have a lengthy legal battle before them if they wish to fight against it or claim their parental rights.

Davis and Associates Attorneys at Law’s Macdona father’s rights lawyers are here to help you deal with the legal battles you will face to gain or renounce your parental rights. We will review the case carefully and see what legal action can be taken to get a result that will not affect any party negatively, especially the child. You can also trust our lawyers to help you with your new responsibilities as a father or ensure the transition will not affect your relationship with the child.

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Importance of Establishing Paternity

Fathers who are not married to their child’s mother can reap many benefits from establishing their paternity.

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When you are recognized as your child’s father, you don’t need to worry about the child’s mother stopping you from getting involved in your child’s life. Not only can you gain access to your child, but you will also be given the chance to get involved in their upbringing. Your children will also benefit from this action, allowing them to receive support from both parents and understand more about their history.

Our Macdona, TX family law firm is here to help you establish your paternity and explain why it is important. We can answer all your questions about the state’s paternity laws and start fighting for your claims in court.

Establishing Paternity in Texas

In Texas, there are three ways for a man to establish paternity: legal presumption, court order, or acknowledgment of paternity.

Legal Presumption

Macdona Father's Rights Attorney Three hands parents and kid child 1 300x200Legal presumption indicates that a man can be seen as the presumed father of a child if they meet one of these requirements:

  • They were married to the child’s mother when the child was born
  • They were married to the child’s mother for 300 days before the child was born
  • They voluntarily claim paternity after the child’s birth and see the child as their own, even if they are not biologically related.
  • They lived with the child since infancy and served as the child’s father.

Acknowledgment and Denial of Paternity

For unmarried fathers, establishing legal paternity can be achieved by signing the Acknowledgement of Paternity form at the child’s birth. This form requires sincere signing, accompanied by including any genetic test results if conducted. However, if it’s proven that the individual who signed the form isn’t the biological parent or if there’s evidence of malicious intent, the form becomes invalid. Additionally, a court may request a father to establish paternity through a court order, usually involving genetic testing and a comprehensive assessment of the father’s circumstances and capabilities.

Presumed fathers have the option to revoke their signature on the acknowledgment form before it is validated, particularly when a court case regarding child custody and support is initiated. Furthermore, denial of paternity is legally permissible if the alleged father believes the child is not biologically theirs. You can rely on the Macdona father’s rights lawyers at Davis and Associates Attorneys at Law to assist you in navigating your situation and finding a resolution that safeguards both your child’s well-being and your own.

Termination of Paternity

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While it is not common, there are cases where either an alleged or legal father has concerns over their genuine parental relationship with a child. When this occurs, and there is probable cause for their concerns, they can rely on the law to seek a termination of paternity. The judge will look into the petition, and if it is proven that the child’s paternity is wrong via genetic testing, they will immediately terminate the “father”’s parental rights and have the paternity corrected.

For any father pursuing this legal avenue, the battle can be lengthy. However, with one of our Macdona father’s rights lawyers on your case, you can be assured you won’t be alone. We will guide you through the proceedings and gather the necessary evidence to ensure the appropriate outcome.

Divorced Father’s Rights

Divorced fathers have it easier than unmarried fathers when it comes to their paternal rights, as the law perceives them as the child’s legal and biological father when the child was born while married to the child’s mother.

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When they divorce, both parents are expected to continue to fulfill their parental responsibilities without fail, as decreed in the divorce order.

However, suppose a divorced father is unable to exercise their rights because the other party is actively preventing them from doing so. In that case, Davis and Associates Attorneys at Law’s excellent team of father’s rights lawyers can take the issue before the court. We will also help you fight for a different custody arrangement if necessary and provide evidence of the violations made.

Free Consultation Today

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Becoming a father is a lifetime responsibility that cannot be overridden or taken away unless there is a valid reason for a father to request it. However, if you are determined to take on the responsibility for your child or you wish to correct the error that is affecting you and the child’s life, the law is behind you, and you can work with an experienced Macdona father’s rights lawyer to get the process underway.

The lawyers of Davis and Associates Attorneys at Law are ready to act immediately to help you with your paternity case, whether you plan to seek your parental rights or contest claims. Our team will be more than happy to explain the legal process to you so that you can make the right legal decisions, which will help you and the child in the long run, no matter your situation. Don’t hesitate to call Davis and Associates Attorneys at Law anytime, and you won’t be disappointed with our services.

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