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No one wants to be involved in a family legal battle, but for some families, this becomes a harsh reality they must confront. There are various reasons why such situations arise, ranging from seeking a divorce due to a failed marriage to instances of domestic violence. Unfortunately, these cases are often highly complex and protracted, given the legal intricacies involved, which must be addressed before a final order can be issued.

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Because of this, it is not recommended for anyone to tackle their family’s legal battles alone. If your case is in Helotes, TX, Davis and Associates Attorneys at Law is a great family law firm to work with. Our team of Helotes family lawyers can work on any family legal case you find yourself in and personalize the strategies we can use to resolve it without any additional legal complications. We will even guide you through every step so that you know what to expect and seek adjustments to the strategy we will use to achieve your intended outcome.

Rest assured that we will handle your case carefully since we know these cases can affect your family’s future. Contact us anytime, and we’ll start building your case for you!

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Whether you are facing a tough divorce or sorting out arrangements affected by the divorce, trust Davis and Associates Attorneys at Law to help you in every step. We will personalize our legal strategy to help you get the best outcome for your case and reduce the possibility of other issues that may further prolong your case.

Down below are the family legal battles we can help you with:

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Divorce: If your relationship is no longer working, divorce is a legal option you can take. However, the underlying topics that must be resolved before a divorce can be granted can make the proceedings lengthy and challenging.

With our Helotes family lawyers on the case, you can trust us to make the divorce proceedings easier to follow and provide you with advice and resources to help you make legal decisions in key aspects of the divorce proceedings.

Property and Asset Division: Inevitably, assets and properties accumulated and owned by the couple during the marriage must be divided equally between the pair once they divorce. Unfortunately, given the value these assets have for each party, it is not a straightforward process.

For these discussions, Davis and Associates Attorneys at Law will help you determine the actual value of these assets, identify the assets you should fight for, and find any hidden assets if there are any. We will also protect your separate properties in case the marital properties are not enough to provide an equal share for both parties.

Helotes Family Lawyer mom and girl 300x200Child Custody: If your divorce case involves children, our Helotes, TX family law firm will be ready to help you get physical custody of the children and be the decision-maker for their upbringing.

We can also help you create a visitation agreement so your child can continue bonding with their other parent even after the divorce. If needed or if there is a good reason to request it, you can also trust us to fight for a modification.

Helotes Family Lawyer father son HBKFP7NCLL 300x200Child Support: Child support arrangements, in addition to child custody, will also be included in a divorce proceeding. In these discussions, we will work with the other party to create a suitable child support arrangement to cover your child’s needs.

You can also trust Davis and Associates Attorneys at Law to negotiate a modification when your child’s needs change and take legal action if the other party violates the arrangement.

Spousal Support: In some divorce cases, the court can also include a section on spousal support in its ruling. This is often given to parties who may find themselves financially disadvantaged when the divorce occurs.

For the party that will be ordered to pay for spousal support, the law does allow them to appeal against the order, especially if the divorce is rife with conflict. You can also ask your assigned Helotes family lawyer from our team to explain how the court reached the specified amount and appeal for a lower amount if possible.

Meanwhile, we can fight for the amount that matches your needs if you receive spousal support. We will also push for a longer duration and argue for a modification if the amount is insufficient.

Helotes Family Lawyer father and child 300x200Father’s Rights: Although it is not uncommon to see children born out of wedlock be in the mother’s custody, the unmarried father can use the law to become recognized as the child’s father and become active in their life. Davis and Associates Attorneys at Law can assist you in getting the proceedings started and scheduling a DNA test. Our lawyers will also fight for the enforcement of the court order that shows your paternity, especially if the mother of the child continues to ignore it. We can also work on cases where you wish to renounce or challenge your paternity.

Helotes Family Lawyer domestic violence seg 300x195Domestic Violence: You will need an experienced Helotes family lawyer to help you deal with the complex legal battle attached to domestic violence cases. Whether you are the victim or your loved ones, the case must be handled with care because the abusers may use their filial relationship as a way to pressure you into dropping the case.

When you reach out to us, we will immediately help you escape your abusers and get the case rolling so it limits the chances for the abuser to approach you and your loved ones.

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Facing our loved ones in court is not going to be easy, and it is more than likely that the case will drag on for years. However, when a legal battle is inevitable due to the offenses committed against you or your loved ones, there is a way to get the case to proceed on schedule and resolve any legal issues that may be raised by the other party to prolong the case.

Let our Helotes family lawyers look into your case, and we will immediately design a legal strategy that will help us fight for your ideal outcome, no matter how severe the case. We will also make sure that the other party respects the result of the case and acts accordingly should more legal issues occur as the case is heard in court. You won’t look for another family lawyer when we are on the case!

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