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Von Ormy Child Support Attorney

One of the major responsibilities of parents is to provide their children with the means to access the goods and services they need to grow and pursue their goals. Parents may choose to pool their resources to achieve this, or one parent, usually the higher earner, will provide the funds while the other parent ensures the child’s needs are met. However, when parents divorce, one of the most significant discussions during proceedings is how to meet their children’s needs post-separation.

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In Von Ormy, TX, courts mandate that child support be provided by either one or both parents until the child reaches 18 years old or completes high school, whichever comes first. Additionally, the court may order support until the child marries, recovers from a medical condition or disability, or in the unfortunate event of the child’s passing. In cases of multiple children, child support is calculated and distributed individually based on their respective needs.

At Davis and Associates Attorneys at Law, our Von Ormy child support attorneys can assist parents in creating a viable child support arrangement tailored to their case, whether they are paying or receiving support on behalf of their children. We will assess your situation to determine the appropriate legal steps and provide you with knowledgeable advice and representation during negotiations. Rest assured, our team is dedicated to safeguarding your child’s needs and ensuring you have the means to support them effectively.

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Child Support Calculation

In Texas, much like in other US states, several factors are considered when determining the appropriate amount of child support to be provided by one or both parents during a divorce. Typically, the noncustodial parent, also known as the obligor, is responsible for paying child support. As the name implies, this parent does not have physical custody of the children but is granted visitation rights to spend time with them.

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Once the court establishes the financial needs of the child and evaluates the obligor’s financial capacity, a percentage of the obligor’s income is allocated for child support payments.

The court ensures that the obligor can still meet their other financial obligations and expenses despite the deduction for child support. Even if the obligor is unemployed, they are still liable for child support payments. In cases involving multiple children, the court determines the specific amount based on each child’s needs.

Our Von Ormy, TX family law firm has handled multiple child support cases throughout its tenure, allowing us to identify how the court will compute the child support for each case we handle. We will review your situation and provide you with a sample computation that the court may use for your situation. Should you be the one assigned to pay the support, we can help with your appeal if you do not have the means to pay the specified amount.

Child Support Enforcement

Child support payments are expected to be paid on time and in full, without any exceptions. Unfortunately, there are instances when a supporting parent is unable to fulfill their obligations, whether due to job loss or simply ignoring the plan.

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The receiving parent can seek the court’s assistance to enforce the child support order and penalize the supporting parent accordingly. The court can even make child support one of the bail conditions if the violating parent gets caught and sent to jail.

You can trust your assigned Von Ormy child support attorney from Davis and Associates Attorneys at Law to investigate your case and file a court petition to enforce the order. We can present evidence before the court and monitor its enforcement to ensure the other parent fulfills their duties.

Meanwhile, suppose you are the parent responsible for providing child support but have a valid reason for being late or paying incomplete child support. In that case, your Von Ormy child support attorney can help you request a modification to accommodate your current circumstances or a manageable penalty.

Child Support Modification

When a court establishes a child support plan for a divorcing couple, it doesn’t imply that the plan is set in stone. Your child’s needs will evolve as they grow older, and various factors such as school expenses, medical emergencies, and changes in the supporting parent’s employment can necessitate a review of the existing plan. In Von Ormy, either parent can easily request a modification to an established child support plan.

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However, pursuing a child support modification can be challenging without the assistance of a legal team, as both the court and the Child Support Division of the Office of the Attorney General maintain strict review standards.

Davis and Associates Attorneys at Law‘s experienced Von Ormy child support attorneys are prepared for this process and can assist you in seeking a modification. In cases where the other party opposes the proposed changes, we can engage in negotiations to reach an agreement that satisfies all parties and gains approval from the court. Additionally, if you are the paying party for child support, Davis and Associates Attorneys at Law is equipped to contest any modification petitions filed by the opposing party.

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Whether we like it or not, love is not enough to guarantee that our children will be able to grow up without worries. You will need to provide them with substantial financial support to enable them to access opportunities that correspond to their needs that are otherwise out of reach due to their price. With divorce on the way, it is even more imperative that you and your ex-spouse reach an agreement on how this financial support is maintained for the benefit of the children.

Don’t hesitate to ring our hotline anytime and avail yourself of our free consultation service to see what can be done for this aspect of the divorce proceedings. Your assigned Von Ormy child support attorney will review your situation and recommend the best action when negotiating the amount, especially if you are tasked to pay for it. We promise to represent you throughout the negotiations and ensure the final arrangement is perfect for your child’s needs.

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