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Children are the most vulnerable parties in any divorce case. They not only require constant support from their parents but also need someone to serve as their guardian if they move to a new home with one parent. Typically, courts advocate for joint custody or conservatorship, recognizing the immense benefits of having both parents in a child’s life, especially during a divorce. However, this approach may not be suitable for all cases.

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Davis and Associates Attorneys at Law is a trusted and experienced family law firm based in Schertz, TX, that you can rely on for your conservatorship negotiations and for fighting for an arrangement that will protect your relationship with your children, whether they are in your custody or not.

Our Schertz child custody attorneys will personalize the legal strategy for your case and provide excellent insights as it progresses. This tailored approach will help mitigate potential issues that could affect the effectiveness of the conservatorship plan aimed at supporting you and your child post-divorce.

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Child Custody in Texas

Child custody, also known as “conservatorship,” refers to the legal process overseen by the court to establish arrangements for minor children affected by divorce. During this process, the court designates a “conservator,” who assumes both physical and legal responsibility for the children. This conservator has the authority to make key decisions, including those related to education, medical care, and religious upbringing.

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Conservatorship is typically categorized into two types: joint and sole conservatorship. In a joint conservatorship, both parents share decision-making authority regarding the child’s upbringing, irrespective of who has physical custody. Conversely, sole conservatorship grants all decision-making rights and custody to one parent.

The court will adjust the conservatorship plan accordingly for every case, matching the needs of the children under the program. For the “access and possession” or visitation agreement, the “possessory conservator” or the parent is granted joint conservatorship rights but does not live in the same home as the child. The court will ensure that the possessory conservator can fulfill their parental responsibilities to their children and follow the possession order or visitation plan indicating when they could visit the child.

Suppose you are confused with the terminologies used for child custody cases or want to fight for a specific type of conservatorship. In that case, you can trust your assigned Schertz child custody attorney to represent your interests in court. We will explain the possible conservatorships for your case and negotiate the best arrangement.

Determining Child Custody

In Texas, parents are expected to provide ample support and love to help their children grow as well-rounded and happy individuals. When parents divorce, it is not uncommon for the court to advocate for a joint managing conservatorship, ensuring that both parents continue to fulfill their parental roles. Only when there is evidence that a joint managing conservatorship setup will not benefit the child will the court consider a sole managing conservatorship.

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The court will examine both parents’ backgrounds and their relationships with the children to determine the type of conservatorship plan that best fits the case. Other factors, such as the parents’ finances, willingness to support their child and criminal history, can also influence the court’s decision. In some child custody cases, the children can choose which parent they want to stay with.

While the court may rule in favor of the other party depending on their assessment, Davis and Associates Attorneys at Law’s Schertz child custody attorneys will strive to fight for you and the arrangement you believe is best for you and your children. We can also represent you during discussions to create the best child custody arrangement that the other party can agree on, resolving any issues as quickly as possible to ensure swift proceedings.

Custody Modification and Enforcement

Once a custody or conservatorship plan is approved for a case, parties still retain the option to modify the order to accommodate the current situation of the child or custodial parent. Events such as medical emergencies, changes in employment status, or relocation can warrant filing a custody modification request. The court will review these requests carefully, ensuring that any modifications to the custody order prioritize maintaining meaningful contact between the child and the non-custodial parent while safeguarding the child’s best interests.

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Davis and Associates Attorneys at Law‘s dedicated child custody attorney can assist you in filing a custody modification request and guide you through the court proceedings necessary for its approval. We remain flexible throughout the process, ready to adjust the request as needed and diligently work towards establishing a new child custody arrangement that aligns with the updated circumstances.

Our Schertz, TX family law firm is also open to helping parties who find it hard to enforce the custody order because the other party is not cooperating. You can count on your assigned child custody lawyer to report the issue and get the court to order the appropriate agencies to enforce the child custody order. We will handle this issue carefully, as your child’s interests and future are at stake.

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When you undergo a divorce, it doesn’t mean that you can forgo your parental responsibilities and not give them the environment that will help them grow without worries and still be able to have access to both their parents. As parents, you and your ex-spouse must agree on a custody arrangement that works for all parties and meets your child’s needs as they grow before you divorce and abide by it.

Let our talented Schertz child custody attorneys assist you in fighting for your intended outcome for the custody case, whether you want to fight for custody or the right to visit your children. Our Schertz, TX family law firm will look at your situation and guide you in designing the best child custody arrangement for your children. Call our hotline and avail of our free consultation service to get started!

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